I am incredibly pleased with Automated Creations and would highly recommend them for automated gates

Automated Creations designed and built a 22′ automatic steel gate for me with 4 cameras and rock columns. They provide a very high level of service and I am totally pleased with them. I’m confident that they have given me a quality product and that they stand behind their work. I could not be more pleased. With this company, you are getting professionals who are experts in their field with years of experience. They do not use cheap imported parts. They do not send out low paid poorly trained workers to do the work. They do not use DIY products you could buy off of amazon. Often the owner of the company came to do the work and he impressed me with how knowledgeable he is. Some times he would even come on Sunday because that was the only day he had free to visit. Don’t worry if they charge more, with this company you are getting a product that will be more reliable.